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КУЛАКОВА, ИРИНА (1920-2008)

КУЛАКОВА, ИРИНА (1920-2008)

IRINA KULAKOVA (1920-2008)

Irina Kazimirovna Kulakova studied at the Moscow Textile Institute from 1938-1942. Among her teachers was A. Kuprin, A. Shevchenko and Artur Fonvizin. In 1945 she became a member of the Artists' Union of the USSR.

After graduating from the institute, she worked at the textile manufacture Krasnaya Roza as a textile designer. Beyond her work as a designer, she made wonderful tapestries, and she loved to draw flowers, in watercolour or tempera.

She became a member of the Artists' Union in 1945.

The flowers and still-lives in this exhibition illustrate how she found the inspiration for her textile designs.

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